PMPL has its team of packing to offer packing services at ICDs, CFS, and at the shipper’s location. As a customer, it is obvious that you would like to choose pallets that are large enough to prevent any overhang, and are sturdy enough to handle the volume of your shipment. Understanding every requirement of our customers, we have created an in-house pallet manufacturing division with an experienced and well-trained packing team.


Lumber: The majority of pallets are made of lumber because it’s strong and can be repaired.

Plastic: This durable option, often used for food and pharmaceutical products, is most cost effective in closed-loop shipping situations.

Metal: Steel is often used for extremely heavy freight. Both steel and aluminum are often used when there’s concern about product contamination or fire.

What is pallet in warehouse management?

Pallets are the primary interface of a unit load. They protect the product, absorb the stresses, hold the weight, encounter fork truck impacts, and safeguard goods traveling through the supply chain.

Managing pallet systems effectively can improve supply chain efficiency and economy. Transportation Logistics and Pallet Systems, discusses the critical role pallets play.

What role do pallets play in today’s supply chain?

Our industry motto is, “Pallets Move the World.” This remains true today and in the foreseeable future. Pallets are a highly configurable platform that vastly improves efficiency in the supply chain. Also, in today’s supply chain, technologies available within and around the pallet allow track and trace, chain of custody, and environment recording.

How does the pallet management service work? What advantages does it offer shippers?

Pallet management as a program works best because it extends shipper capabilities by improving pallet quality, service, and cost re-capture within the supply chain. Quality assurance programs implemented in conjunction with user goals improve quality. Use of a widely available network of pallet depots that can service particular regions of the country improves service, and costs are re-captured through novel repair and return programs that positively impact the cost per pallet vs. the cost per pallet trip.

Can pallets be customized for specific applications?

Yes. Pallets are often made-to-order based on the item or unit load being transported. Also, they can incorporate design elements that are specific to the type of transportation and supply chain they will be moving through (ocean, rail, truck, air). The industry uses specialized software to design and create pallet specifications to meet the needs of pallet users.

What do you hear from customers about why they choose Bettaway over other options?

Our ability to service customers nationally is a strong value add in our portfolio. Additionally, we can create audit programs and implement them on the customer’s behalf. We provide a single sourcing option for companies with multiple facilities.

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