PMPL works as Nomination Agent for overseas buyer procurement of Material on their behalf on an Ex-works basis. The nomination of the vessel's duty is very important. Under the FOB contract, there is a condition precedent to the obligation of the seller to load the goods.

Thus, if the buyer does not nominate a vessel within the stipulated time, the buyer is then in breach of the contract and the seller will be accordingly entitled to damages.

Nominated Agent means one or more third party vendor from time to time employed by Paciffic Maritime to administer the initial application receipt, application review, general program eligibility determination, and patient enrollment functions of the Programs. The Nominated Agent for the General Program. Paciffic Maritime shall have the right to replace Nominated Agents or appoint additional Nominated Agents for all or any portion of either of the Programs. Paciffic Maritime shall provide Medco with reasonable advance notice of any anticipated appointed of a new Nominated Agent to allow Medco to develop appropriate operational links with such Nominate Agent to insure continuous service for the Programs.

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